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One Man Show

With the dawn of Reinhardt New Generation RSX Series Machines, operating a rotomoulding machines has become so easy that even one man can operate the entire machine and get the desirable production of moulded products. While making RSX series machines, we emphasise on two important factors - Usability and Performance. The RSX Series comes with user friendly computer software which is very easy to understand and operate, the interface is so intutive that no special training is required to operate it. With some simple work place engineering, the whole process of loading of raw materials and unloading of products from the moulds can be made semiautomatic so that even one person can do the job and run a factory (Roto Machine). We provide support and workplace engineering solution if required by our clients. The basic One Man operated machine example can be found under, for more informations, please contact us at : info@reinhardtindia.com.
Step 01 : Powder loading platform

Using powder loading platform an operator can feed raw material i.e. pulverised powder into the moulds for further processing.
Step 02 : Tank removing lift and shift

Tank removing lift and shift helps a user to carefully take off the lid from the warm mould after the moulded has been done and then with the use of stretcher to carry thus moulded products to finishing department .
Step 03 : Stretcher to unload products

By using these ergonomically designed stretcher to unload warm moulded products out of the moulds, an usercan easliy take off the moulded products and take them to finishing department with the help of this wheel mounted stretcher.
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