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"Downtime on my two Reinhardt in the last three years is 30 minutes and that too because the factory roof was leaking."
- Mr Wayne Wiid, Pioneer Plastics, South Africa

Our 24 X 7 Support

A real challenge: in the day-to-day world of industry, it is always challenging and often quite tricky when the individual optimisation of thermal processes for the customer takes precedence over the actual heat treatment. Cycle times, feeding systems, receiver options, limited space and many other customer demands require knowledge coupled with innovative ideas. Reinhardt contributes two factors that are irreplaceable: years of experience and time for the customer. Allowing us to implement specific solutions for every aspect of heat treatment and meet our customers' specified objectives.

Reinhardt makes the highest demands with regard to the design and construction of its systems, and its commitment to service – and doesn't mind being measured by them. Because for many decades, customers from the most diverse range of industrial sectors have put their trust in the certified quality, the knowledge, the experience, and not least the continuing development and optimisation of our thermotechnical solutions. The success of the customer serves as a benchmark for our high technical and professional standards.

Installation Support

Post booking and purchase of Roto Machines, Reinhardt Roto Machines provides installation support till the setup attains the desired level of production capacity and starts producing products and giving profits to Reinhardt Roto Moulders. For installation support,please contact us at: installation@reinhardtrotomachines.com

Maintenance Support

Reinhardt Roto Machines are made in such a way that they don't require any maintainence program to keep up with the production demands. We at Reinhardt Roto Machines, provide maintainence support to our Roto Moulders if required 24 X 7. Notorious for not facing any breakdowns, 24 X 7 online support for these machines gives our Roto Moulders freedom to put heavy production loads and run 3 continuous work shifts 365 days a year without any stop. For maintenance support, please contact us at: maintenance@reinhardtrotomachines.com

Running Support

With our new inventions in information technology and systems under patented German Technology, we are able to provide our moulders 24 X 7 running support from our India support division to Reinhardt Roto Moulders across the world. Now Reinhardt Roto Machines provide online running support and machines diagonistic from India division. We can now operate and take control of the machine online through protected system access softwares to give instant solutions to any problem occured due to human errors or accidents. In some cases we run machines from India to maximize outputs and study production statistics for further research and development. To get instant running support, please contact us at : runningsupport@reinhardtrotomachines.com

Process Support

Sometimes due to complex product designs, moulders face acute problems in mass producing them and need help in figuring out the right process required for the production without effecting the productivity of the machine or loosing profits. Our team of Industrial Designers and Engineers are capable of providing solutions for an optimum process support. With an indepth know-how of rotomoulding processes and product design they consult moulders, supported by required research process, to mould there ideas and achieve their moulding benchmarks. For process support, please contact us at : processsupport@reinhardtrotomachines.com

Production Support

Roto Startup or pre-established roto enterprise, We at Reinhardt Roto Machines provide support to our roto moulders to meet up rising production demands. We provide our India facility to produce rotomoulding high quality products at ease of our moulders. To support your rotomoulding business, we are here to share the load of production to meet deadlines. For production support, please contact us at : productionsupport@reinhardtrotomachines.com
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