Managed by Mr. Shivinder Chawla, Mr. Dhanu Patell & Mr. Rustom Patel– it has grown to become a one-stop destination for the Roto Moulding Industry.

Reinhardt Teknik is operating under the guidance of REINHARDT GmbH, Germany at a state of the art plant, situated near Vadodara, India. It has become one of the most renowned Rotational Moulding Equipment & Accessories Manufacturers in today’s world. It makes rotational moulding solutions in temperature ranges up to 350°C for processing of PE, Polyamide, PP, PC and other futuristic materials. For us, quality is paramount. That’s why our systems are characterized by a long service life and low maintenance requirements.

Reinhardt Germany builds machines mainly for the heat treatment of metals and polymers much needed in the automobile industry.

Reinhardt Teknik focus on Rotational Moulding for the world with complete solutions. They are your one stop shop.

Operating in a production area of about 1,50,000 sq. ft. , we manufacture customised rotational moulding machines and moulds for modern and efficient industrial production.

A strong flair for design and innovation added to that our vast experience has seen us grow and expand.

We believe in developing flexible manufacturing systems.

REINHARDT TEKNIK, enhances the potential of Roto Moulding by using the right ingredients of good design and applications, to expand applications to the industry and consumers.

Providing thermo technical solutions for customers

“The power of reinhardt teknik: brilliant ideas, flexible systems, ingenious solutions.”

  • Come to work on time, fit for duty, and ready to work.
  • Obey recognized customer and employer work rules.
  • Exercise proper safety, health, and sanitation practices.

For reinhardt teknik, the rotational moulding process means optimal fulfillment of requirements, maximum efficiency & infinite applications.